Case Studies


With Business Rates, we really have to prove we are worth it! Our excellent success record is outlined below. Please read through our case studies to find out why we are one of the most trusted and honest Business Rates specialists in London and the South West.


Erol’s DIY – Calne

Savings of 32% – £7,499.12

This is a detached single storey shop constructed from concrete block and timber cladding with a tin sheet roof. It is set back from the road but, resides near the main shopping area of Calne near Phelp’s Parade and a large supermarket.

The Instruction

The client Erol’s DIY appealed their assessment only to find their agent went into liquidation 10 weeks before the appeal was due to be heard at Valuation Tribunal. It was at that point that we took over the appeal and quickly entered into discussions with the VOA as time was of the essence. There were a number of issues with the assessment, particularly how the shop had been zoned which appeared incorrect. The Zone A rate also appeared high and we were able to negotiate to reduce the rate from £100/sqm to £85/sqm.

The Result

Reduction in rateable value from £13,250 to £9,000. This meant the property was now eligible for Small Business Rates Relief which produced a large saving to the client.


Lone Brothers Dry Cleaners – Tewkesbury

Savings of 35% – £16,619

A small shop located just off the High street with no visible presence on the high street and access by way of a narrow passage.

The Instruction

The rent of £10,000 did not help but we successfully argued on the basis of tone and from the case of Dawkins (VO) v Ash Brothers & Heaton in which Lord Pearce said ”Rating seeks a standard by which every hereditament in this country can be measured in relation to every other hereditament. It is not seeking to establish the true value of any hereditament but rather its value in comparison with the respective value of the rest”

The Result

Reduction in rateable value from £9,700 to £6,300. Due to small Business rates relief, this translated into a sizeable saving to the client of over £16,619


L & R Group  – Milsom Place Developments, Bath

Savings of 36% – £273,000

Milsom Place is a vibrant Grade 2 listed shopping development in the centre of the historic city of Bath. It consists of a mixture of high-end retail and restaurants, in total around 25 units.

The Instruction

My instruction was to advise the landlord L & B on ways of reducing the very high rate liability on many of the retail units. This would assist the tenants but also make it easier for the landlord to re-let if premises became available. It involved detailed analysis of the rental evidence. Many of the shops’ rents were calculated on a percentage of turnover and it also involved comparing with developments elsewhere. Rental evidence is of primary importance when determining the Zone A rate that should apply.

The Result

Reduction in the Zone A rate on 17 shops from the existing £525 sqm to £265sqm. A saving in real terms of around 36% or £273,000.


Consumer Buyers Ltd

Savings of 21%  £32,000

Consumer Buyers Ltd have a number of retail outlets in the Glastonbury area. They stock furniture and household items.

The Instruction

Consumer buyers had recently purchased a new store at 112-114 High St. I was instructed to try and reduce the rateable value on these premises. They were substantially larger than many other retail outlets in the high street.

The Result

I managed to successfully argue with the Valuation Office that they were more akin to a department store at 118 High street and should therefore be assessed in line with those premises on an overall basis.

Reduction in assessment from £76,000 to £60,000. A saving of 21%