Mikris Finishers Ltd


A highly specialised Industrial paint finishing company offering their services to Engineers, Domestic and Commercial clients.


Business Rates Savings of 42% – £56,000


The Client

Mikris Finishers Limited – a well established company providing paint finishing services to domestic and commercial customers alike for over 35 years.


The Instruction

To review the current 2017 Rateable Value of a 15,500 sqft industrial storage unit in Stonehouse, a small town just outside Gloucester.

After inspecting and analysing the property, we found it’s value was disproportionately high considering the age of the building and the rent being paid. The VOA considered this unit to be much newer, valuing it in comparison with industrial units built post 1990s. In fact, the property was constructed pre 1960s and was therefore a lower quality and less valuable building.


The Result

Through Check, Challenge, Appeal we were able to reduce the Rateable Value by 42% from £76,500 to £44,500. The savings to the client will be in the region of £56,000.

This led to the investigation of the Business Rates for other properties on the industrial estate and as a consequence of our work for Mikris, we are going through the Challenge process for two more units to achieve the same result.