Successful Pub Appeal – Traditional Village Pub

A Traditional Country Pub Appeal

White Hart Inn at Droitwich – Worcestershire village with three other nearby pubs. Saving of 10%- £15,400.


The factors for a pub appeal – The tied rent plus the trade figures did on paper support the existing assessment of £45,900 however in comparison with nearby pubs my feelings were that the pub had been assessed more on the success of the clients business rather than on ”The fair maintainable Trade” and in effect what the average licensee could achieve.

As expected, the Valuation office resisted all the way and in fact tried to bully us into withdrawing the appeal with the threat that if we pursued it they would argue for a higher figure of £53,000 at Tribunal.
This is in fact what they did as the appeal went to Tribunal Hearing with the VOA pushing for an increase.
However, the Tribunal accepted those points I had raised and reduced the assessment to £41,500 more in line with comparable pubs nearby.
Over the 7 years of the list, this will have saved the client over £15,000. In addition it will be the base figure to be used for the 2017 revaluation.

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