Reduce Business Rates for an Auctioneer

We were approached by Gardiner Houlgate to reduce Business rates for them. The Valuation Office (VOA) assessed the property at rateable value £37,250. This on the face of it seemed fair and in line with others.  However we noted as with other clients who ask for advice, that the premises had already been appealed once with no success! Another difficulty is that the rent did not help us as it was greater than the rateable value. Following an inspection, a number of inconsistencies were noted in the relativities used by the VOA. It is never a simple task and does require specialist experience to find these inconsistencies.

To reduce Business Rates your agent needs to be a good negotiator!

Using our knowledge and with excellent negotiation, it was possible to agree a 16.5% reduction. This took the rateable value from £37,250 to £31,250 thus saving our client over £11,880.
The reduced figure will also influence the Valuation Office in their assessment of the premises value for the Revaluation. This is due to take effect from the 1st April, 2017.

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