We were approached by Gardiner Houlgate to reduce Business rates for them. The Valuation Office (VOA) assessed the property at rateable value £37,250. This on the face of it seemed fair and in line with others.  However we noted as with other clients who ask for advice, that the premises had already been appealed once with no success! Another difficulty → Read more

Par Moor Pre School and Nursery Par, Cornwall, PL24 2BQ

The Valuation Office (VO) assessed the property at rateable value £15,250 effective from 1st January 2014. This was a new assessment based on a fixed rate of 340 sqm for porta cabins in Cornwall . The VOA resisted → Read more

A Traditional Country Pub Appeal

White Hart Inn at Droitwich – Worcestershire village with three other nearby pubs. Saving of 10%- £15,400.


The factors for a pub appeal – The tied rent plus the trade figures did on paper support the existing assessment of £45,900 however in comparison with nearby pubs my feelings were → Read more

Temporary Rate Relief Explained

The British weather has taken its toll on many homes, causing untold damage and affecting the lives of their occupants. The same is true of many business owners having their premises affected by the floods. → Read more

The Government would like you to believe that the cancellation of the 2015 Business Rates revaluation was to help Business… regretfully that is far from the truth! → Read more

Have your Business Rates in Bath been correctly assessed?

Business Rates represents a significant overhead to most companies, with the majority of businesses unaware that these figures can be challenged. → Read more